Thrashing Death Squad - CD

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Release: 07.05.2021
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Release Date May 7, 2021
Genre Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


The melodic death/thrash metallers of DARKFALL have been active since 1995 and have become an integral part of the Austrian metal scene. MORTAL STRIKE from Vienna, on the other hand, can be described without exaggeration as the Austrian answer to KREATOR.

Both bands join forces on "Thrash Death Squad" and present 2 new tracks of their own, a cover of the other band and a cover of an international act.

MORTAL STRIKE have taken on the Thrash Party classic "Freibier" by TANKARD, and DARKFALL have created their very own MANOWAR tribute with "Hail To The Warriors".


1. Darkfall - Tides Of War
2. Darkfall - The Gates Are Open
3. Darkfall - Here Comes The Tank (Mortal Strike Cover)
4. Darkfall - Hail To The Warriors (Manowar Tribute)
5. Mortal Strike - A Storm Will Overcome
6. Mortal Strike - P.T.S.D.
7. Mortal Strike - Rise To Dominate (Darkfall Cover)
8. Mortal Strike -Freibier (Tankard Cover)