Thunder And Steel Down Under

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Release: 24.04.2015
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Release Date Apr 24, 2015
Genre Heavy Metal


Limited CD edition, only 1000 copies worldwide. The official tribute album, incl. RIOT classics performed by: AXEL RUDI PELL, ATTACKER, SAVAGE MASTER, NIGHT DEMON, CRYSTAL VIPER feat. TODD MICHAEL HALL (RIOT V), WALPYRGUS, ALPHA TIGER, OCTOBER 31, DEXTER WARD, ROCKA ROLLAS, STALLION, ANGELO PERLEPES' MYSTERY, FERDY DOERNBERG and EVIL UNITED. 14 songs, only high quality studio recordings!


01. FERDY DOERNBERG (Germany) - Soldier
02. AXEL RUDI PELL (Germany) - Warrior
03. ATTACKER (USA) - Fire Down Under
04. WALPYRGUS (USA) - Outlaw
05. SAVAGE MASTER (USA) - Swords And Tequila
06. Angelo Perlepes' MYSTERY (Greece) - Sign Of The Crimson Storm
07. OCTOBER 31 (USA) - Loanshark
08. ALPHA TIGER (Germany) - Flight Of The Warrior
09. STALLION (Germany) - Rock City
10. ROCKA ROLLAS (Sweden) - Riot
11. EVIL UNITED (USA) - Altar Of The King
12. NIGHT DEMON (USA) - Road Racin'
13. DEXTER WARD (Greece) - Running From The Law
14. CRYSTAL VIPER feat. Todd Michael Hall (Poland/USA) - Thundersteel