Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters - CD

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Release: 15.09.2023
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Release Date Sep 15, 2023
Genre Heavy Metal
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RAINBOW, THE FERRYMAN, SUNSTORM, LORDS OF BLACK ... these are just a few bands where the vocal wonder Ronnie Romero puts his skills to the proof.

With "Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters" the native Chilean is back on solo paths, and sets after two cover albums for the first time with completely own material a musical statement.


1. Castaway On The Moon
2. Mountain Of Light
3. I’ve Been Losing You
4. Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters
5. Girl, Don’t Listen To The Radio
6. Crossroad
7. Not Just A Nightmare
8. A Distant Shore
9. Chased By Shadows
10. Vengeance