Tricennial Of Blasphemy - RED 3-Vinyl

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Release: 07.10.2022
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Release Date Oct 7, 2022
Genre Death Metal
Color Red
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 3


30 years of blasphemous death metal.

In 1992 INCANTATION released their debut album "Onward to Golgotha", and since then the US Americans have been on a blasphemous trip across hell.

Combilation "Tricennial Of Blasphemy" announced for October 2022 will be released as double CD and triple LP. The album will contain unreleased studio, demo and live tracks that span the entire history of INCANTATION.


1. Pest Savagery
2. Ordained by Night's Will
3. Obelisk Reflection
4. Nefarious Warriors
5. Degeneration (Revenant cover)
6. Absolved in Blood
7. Scapegoat
8. Sacrificial Sanctification
9. Thieves of the Cloth
10. Exiling Righteousness
11. Hell Awaits (Slayer cover)
12. Horde of Bestial Flames
13. Ethereal Misery
14. Impending Diabolical Conquest
15. Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish
16. Nocturnal Kingdom of Demonic Enlightenment
17. Subjugation Divine
18. Emaciated Holy Figure
19. Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies
20. Profanation
21. Intro-Entrantment of Evil
22. Eternal Torture
23. Devoured Death
24. Unholy Massacre
25. Oath of Armageddon (Live)
26. Portal Consecration (Live)
27. Impending Diabolical Conquest (Live)
28. From Hollow Sands (Live)
29. Iconoclasm of Catholicism (Live)
30. Absolved in Blood (Live)
31. Lead to Desolation (Live)