Twisted Into Form - CD

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Release: 21.03.2014
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Release Date Mar 21, 2014
Genre Thrash Metal


Twisted into Form is the second album from San Francisco, California thrash metal band, Forbidden.

It features one line-up change from their debut – 1988's Forbidden Evil – with Tim Calvert replacing Glen Alvelais on guitar. The result is a more melodic and progressive affair with many acoustic interludes and clearer production, but less of a raw edge than its predecessor. It is their last album with drummer Paul Bostaph before he joined Slayer in 1992 when Forbidden was on hiatus.

The Re-Release includes 4 bonus live tracks.


1. Parting of the Ways (Instrumental)
2. Infinite
3. Out of Body (Out of Mind)
4. Step by Step
5. Twisted into Form
6. R.I.P.
7. Spiral Depression (Instrumental)
8. Tossed Away
9. One Foot in Hell

Bonus Live Tracks:
10. Victim of Changes (Live) Judas Priest Cover
11. Forbidden Evil (Live)
12. Chalice of Blood (Live)"
13. Through Eyes of Glass (Live)