Veneration Of The Dead - Digipak CD

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Release: 18.08.2023
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Release Date Aug 18, 2023
Genre Death Metal
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


Tattarisuo Finland in the 1930s: A man stole corpses from the cemetery to first dismember them and then bury them in the mud, because he expected a satanic treasure to rise from the dead as a result.

Timeleap - Today: Based on the case of Tattarisuo, a musical monster arises from the ashes of Corpse Molester Cult to seemingly prove that death is not the end. DEAD TALKS from Lohja (Finland) are ready to unleash their full-length debut “Veneration Of The Dead” full of waltzing midtempo death metal tunes you can’t escape.


1. Son Of The Nameless One
2. The Human Plague
3. 508
4. The End Of The Tunnel
5. Pedophile God
6. Death‘s Charioteer
7. Skinless
8. Trigger/Religion