VIII: Selenotrope - Hardcover Book 2-CD

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Release: 19.05.2023
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Release Date May 19, 2023
Genre Avantgarde Metal, Black Metal, Post Metal
Packaging Digibook
Number 1


18*18 cm hardcover book limited to 500 copies including bonus CD and extended artwork.

Only a very few original metal acts emerge each decade from the mass of bands that are stylistically easy to label. BOTANIST are both in musical and lyrical aspects one of those unique bands that are obviously different. Now, the act's eleventh full-length, "VIII: Selenotrope" is announced. On the eighth solo album by the project, and the first since "VI: Flora" (2014).


CD 1:
1. Against the Selenic Light
2. Risen From the Rain
3. Epidendrum Nocturnum
4. Mirabilis
5. Angel's Trumpet
6. Selenotrope
7. Sword of the Night
8. The Flowering Dragon

CD 2: Artbook Bonus CD
1. Moonflower I
2. Moonflower II
3. Moonflower III
4. Moonflower IV
5. Moonflower V
6. Moonflower VI
7. Moonflower VII
8. Moonflower VIII