Vikings Chant (2nd Edition) | CD

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Release: 27.09.2019
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Release Date Sep 27, 2019
Genre Folk Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
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SKALD "Vikings Chant 2nd Edition" - Jewelcase CD

SKÁLD is a unique project in music inspired by Nordic mythology. Developed over time by a group of enthusiasts, the project originated when producer-composer Christophe Voisin-Boisvinet encountered a trio of talented singers whose voices had atypical timbres. Together they decided to breathe new life into the poetry of the ancient skalds, whose ancient language – Old Norse – told stories of the Vikings and their gods.

In the early Middle Ages, the skalds of Scandinavian society were storytellers, poets and musicians. In the same way as the bards of the Celts, they sang the praises of their bloodlines, narrating the epic feats of heroes or the exploits of their Gods in times when the oral tradition was sovereign.

Blending chanted narratives with rhythmical song — in a combination carried by music that often led to a state of trance — the skalds captivated their listeners with the power of the images they evoked. Skaldic poetry is extremely strong, with a rich vocabulary and often complex verses that confer a mysterious aura on the meaning, conferring the status of an initiate on the author of such works. It can also be noted that this narrative role was not reserved for men alone, as the names of several female skalds are known to us.

On September 20, the current album "Vikings Chant " comes as an extended second edition. In addition to internationally successful Single releases such as "Rún", "Flúga" and "Ó Valhalla" On "Vikings Chant" are five exclusive bonus tracks to find.


1. Enn átti Loki fleiri börn
2. Rún
3. Valfreyjudrápa
4. Níu
5. Flúga
6. Gleipnir
7. Krákumál
8. Ó Valhalla
9. Ec man iötna
10. Yggdrasill
11. Ódinn
12. Ginnunga
13. Jóga

1.Seven Nation Army
2.Riders on the Storm
4.High Hopes
5.Öll Of Rök Fira