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Release: 09.10.2020
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Release Date Oct 9, 2020
Genre Folk Metal
Packaging Digisleeve
Number 1


Digisleeve CD

After over 100 million streams of her debut album, over 45 million YouTube views and performances at the Wacken Open Air and the Hellfest, SKÁLD also manage on their second album "Vikings Memories" with epic worlds of sound. The French band finds inspiration above all in the Norse mythology and scalden poetry, which tells of Vikings and Norse deities. "Vikings Memories" focuses on the element water, and so the songs tell stories of long forgotten areas and daring expeditions of the Nordic sailors. But not only the stories take you on a journey into your past: traditional instruments of the Skalden and singing in Old Norse transported the listener into long forgotten times. The legends of prehistoric times were reinterpreted and arranged by the band, but they still do not lose their meaning. They remind us impressively of the power of nature, but also make us aware of its fragility. Join SKÁLD on its stormy journey into the past and discover what makes us the ancient Vikings have to say. The first album of SKÁLD "Vikings Chant" went into the Top 100 in the German album charts. "Vikings Memories" is released on CD and vinyl.


01. Fimbulvetr 
02 Jörmungrund
03 Grótti
04 Norðrljós
05 Sækonungar
06 Þistill Mistill Kistill
07 Sólarljóð
08 Víðförla 
09 Hafgerðingar 
10 Í Dansinum 
11 Nýr