Vo Slavu Velikim - CD

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Release: 20.10.2008
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Release Date Oct 20, 2008
Genre Folk Metal
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'Vo Slavu Velikim' (in English: 'For the Glory of the Great Ones') is Arkona's third studio album, recorded in Moscow during 2005. Some (parts of) tracks are authentic Russian folk. Lyrical inspiration is found in the glory of the ancient Rus.


1.     "Intro (Kolymiyka)"     "Интро (Коломийка)"     1:31
2.     "Skvoz Tuman Vekov (Through the Mist of Ages)"     "Сквозь туман веков"     5:10
3.     "Rus Iznachalnaya (Primordial Rus)"     "Русь изначальная"     5:43
4.     "Vo Slavu Velikim! (For Glory of the Great)"     "Во славу великим!"     5:37
5.     "Po Syroi Zemle (On the Moist Earth)"     "По сырой земле"     7:39
6.     "Tuman Yarom" (Ukrainian folk song)     "Туман Яром"     2:50
7.     "Zov Bitvy (Call of the Battle)"     "Зов битвы"     4:08
8.     "Vedy Proshlovo (Vedas of the Past)"     "Веды прошлого"     5:21
9.     "Velikden (Great Day)"     "Великдень"     0:56
10.     "Gnev Vremen (The Wrath of Times)"     "Гнев времен"     5:11
11.     "Na Svarogovoi Doroge (On a Svarog's Road)"     "На Свароговой дороге"     5:09
12.     "Vyidi, Vyidi Ivanku..." (Russian folk song)     "Выйди, выйди Иванку..."     1:12
13.     "Vosstaniye Roda (Rod's Uprising)"     "Восстание Рода"     5:27
14.     "Sila Slavnykh (By Virtue of the Glorious)"     "Сила Славных"     5:32