Vom Schwarzen Schmied Berggesänge - Digipak CD

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Release: 01.04.2022
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Release Date Apr 1, 2022
Genre Black Metal
Edition Limited Edition, Remastered
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


Digipak CD limited to 500 copies.

An alternate version of their 2021 album. The album is remixed and remastered with added choirs and keyboards, and all harsh vocals have been replaced with new clean vocals.

The album tells the story of the mine blacksmith, who is already known from another song/story by Dauþuz. It is also the saga of how mankind learned to mine and how its history finally came to an end. In all of this, that mine blacksmith guides the destiny of human mechanisation, but in the end, when he realises their insatiable greed, he turns away from them. He leaves humanity an ore to destroy itself.


1. Der Bergschmied I: Mein Berg - Bergkgesænge 
2. Der Bergschmied II: Der Eid - Bergkgesænge 
3. Der Bergschmied III: Desperatio - Bergkgesænge 
4. Der Bergschmied IV: Zauberwerk - Bergkgesænge 
5. Der Bergschmied V: Sagenlieder - Bergkgesænge 
6. Der Bergschmied VI: Cognitio - Bergkgesænge 
7. Der Bergschmied VII: Der Frevel - Bergkgesænge 
8. Der Bergschmied VIII: Sargdeckel - Bergkgesænge