War Against All - SILVER Vinyl

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Release: 26.05.2023
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Release Date May 26, 2023
Genre Black Metal
Color Silver
Edition Limited Edition
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Number 1


2023 will be a cold year ... Why?

With "War Against All", the new IMMORTAL album will be released in May. Demonaz has once again created a Black Metal highlight of the year. Session musicians are drummer Kevin Kvale (GAAHL'S WYRD) and bassist Arve Isdal (ENSLAVED).

Isdal was also part of the line-up of the first, and to date only, DEMONAZ solo album "March of the Norse", the gentlemen know each other well and know what is important.

It's getting cold !!!


1. War Against All
2. Thunders of Darkness
3. Wargod
4. No Sun
5. Return to Cold
6. Norlandihr
7. Immortal
8. Blashyrkh My Throne