When Daylight's Gone - Underneath the Crescent Moon - CD

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Release: 08.06.2012
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Release Date Jun 8, 2012
Genre Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
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The GRAVEWORM debut album "When Daylight's Gone" from 1997 and the EP "Underneath the Crescent Moon" from 1998 will be released as a CD reissue in 2012 via AFM Records.


1. Awake
2. Lost Yourself
3. Far Away
4. Eternal Winds
5. Dark Silence
6. Tears from My Eyes
7. When the Sky Turns Black
8. Another Season
9. Aeons of Desolation
10. Awaiting the Shinning
11. Awake... Thy Angels of Sorrow
12. By the Grace of God
13. How Many Tears (Helloween cover)