Where Lovers Mourn CD

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Release: 20.10.2003
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Release Date Oct 20, 2003
Genre Doom Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


When it comes to Gothic Metal, most people think of Bands like The Gathering, Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Leaves' Eyes etc...
Of course it is the genre with a lot of female-fronted outfits, but be honest:

Could it be, that the idea of Gothic-Metal is misunderstood?

But in the case of Draconian you get exactly this:
Gothic Metal by the way it is meant to be!

A Death/Doom Hybrid with real "Beauty and the beast" moments.

You can hear the desperation, not only hear, you can feel it!

Check this out!



1. The Cry of Silence
2. Silent Winter
3. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
4. The Solitude
5. Reversio ad Secessum
6. The Amaranth
7. Akherousia
8. It Grieves My Heart