Where No Life Dwells - CD

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Release: 14.09.2001
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Release Date Sep 14, 2001
Genre Death Metal
Edition Re-Issue
Packaging Jewelcase


Where No Life Dwells is the classic debut album by the Swedish death metal band Unleashed.

This album is considered as a classic among death metal fans. Also the band is known as one of the first DM-Bands to use 
northern mythology and a Viking-Attitude.


01. Where no life dwells
02. Dead forever
03. Before the creation of time
04. For they shall be slain
05. If they had eyes
06. The dark one
07. Into glory ride
08. ...And the laughter has died
09. Unleashed
10. Violent ecstasy
11. Where life ends
12. The dark one
13. If they had eyes
14. Dead forever
15. Unleashed
16. Where life ends
17. The utter dark revenge
18. Violent ecstasy
19. Before the creation (Video Clip) (Data Track)
20. The One Insane (Video Clip)