Wings Of Fire - CD

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Release: 08.03.2019
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Release Date Mar 8, 2019
Genre Melodic Death Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Brymir rise from the winter landscapes of Finland and defy ice and frost with their album "Wings of fire";. With his main band Joona Björkroth (Battle Beast) lets the sky tremble under the sound of guitar and drums. Finnish Metal, those are sonorous names like Amorphis, Stratovarius and Ensiferum. BRYMIR have absorbed this essence, but go one step further. The orchestration bears the signature of Blind Guardian and early Nightwish, but also Wintersun, and the rapid guitar descents occasionally remind one of Children Of Bodom. Epic, feeling, tempo and the midnight romance of the thousand lakes flow into complex songs whose sense for gripping melody is given free rein. "Wings Of Fire"; is an album of fantastic size.


1. Gloria In Regum
2. Wings Of Fire
3. Ride On, Spirit
4. Sphere Of Halcyon
5. And So We Age
6. Hails From The Edge
7. Starportal
8. Vanquish The Night
9. Lament Of The Ravenous
10. Chasing The Skyline
11. Anew