With Vilest Worms To Dwell - YELLOW RED Marbled Vinyl

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Release: 30.06.2023
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Release Date Jun 30, 2023
Genre Death Metal
Color Marbled
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
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Number 1


“With Vilest Worms to Dwell” is an epic and majestic powerhouse! This album mixes Folk, Pagan Metal with Death Metal tendencies. First time on vinyl!

This album is a powerhouse, there, we said it... With flashes of Therion mixed with melodic death metal tendencies, “With Vilest of Worms to Dwell” erupts in all its majestic and epic magnitude and it is still a great pleasure to listen to 22 years after its initial release in 2001. Hollenthon demonstrate their symphonic elements from the get go, and the first three tracks are genius compositions that, although incredible, demand patience from the listener, and then have a big reward. Hollenthon have crafted an accessible record, but you hear new bits with each listening session.

Right from the word go, “Y Draig Goch” leaps out with a wonderful “build-up” verse before launching into one of the most headbangable, uplifting choruses you will hear in a long time. Sounds like Power Metal? Far from it, Hollenthon play a thrilling blend of death metal and orchestral music, reminiscent of Therion meets Morbid Angel but much, much better than that bad comparison might sound like. It’s not until the fourth track that we get our first dose of what we believe is a wondrous mix of epic and catchy riffage and vocals. “To Kingdom Come” bursts immediately into its chorus, and the male choir only enhances the grandeur of the song. Catchy guitar riffs drive the piece, and enchanting female vocals adorn its bridge. It is definitely what we would designate as the album’s standout track, but it by no means shames the remainder of the record. From this track onward the album continues to soar. “The Calm Before the Storm” and “Fire Upon the Blade” push on with the same force as the fourth track, while “Conquest Demise” and “Conspirator” craft a conclusion of epic proportions.

The guitar work on this album is fairly understated, preferring to give way to the choirs and orchestral arrangements. These symphonic elements are truly the driving force of the music, and are woven together with the traditional band instruments in such a way that it is at once apparent how much thought has gone into the work.

“With Vilest of Worms to Dwell” is a landmark release in symphonic metal, and really shows what can be achieved when symphonic elements are put to good use in metal.


1. Y Draig Goch
2. Woe to the Defeated
3. Lords of Bedlam
4. To Kingdom Come
5. The Calm Before the Storm
6. Fire Upon the Blade
7. Conquest Demise
8. Conspirator