Wrong One To Fuck With / Slipcase CD

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Wrong One To Fuck With / Slipcase CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 44040
Release: 23.06.2017

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Article information

Genre: Death Metal

Edition: Limited Edition

Packaging: Jewelcase

Short description

8th studio album by u.s. demolition contractors Dying Fetus!

10 complex tracks of pulverizing death metal, brutal breakdowns and varied vocal patterns.

First press of the CD includes expanded, deluxe packaging and an exclusive bonus track.


1. Fixated on Devastation
2. Panic Amongst The Herd
3. Die With Integrity
4. Revelling In The Abyss
5. Seething With Disdain
6. Ideological Subjugation
7. Weaken The Structure
8. Fallacy
9. Unmitigated Detestation
10. Wrong One To Fuck With
11. Induce Terror (CD only Bonus)