Zero And Below - LIGHT BLUE Vinyl

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Release: 04.03.2022
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Release Date Mar 4, 2022
Genre Death Metal, Sludge Metal
Color Blue
Edition Limited Edition
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Available as limited LIGHT BLUE Vinyl!!!

The moment you hear them, you know it's CROWBAR. Praised by Pitchfork, VICE and Metal Hammer... Twice immortalised by MTV's Beavis And Butt-Head.... The group is revered by the broken and downtrodden - those who exorcise their demons with smoke-filled riffs of melancholy desolation. CROWBAR is one of those bands that has a far-reaching influence on several genres and "helped shape the blueprints of sludge metal" (Kerrang!).
CROWBAR songs are unvarnished emotional outpourings, displaying a hard-hitting determination alongside their soulful vulnerability, and are reliably delivered with crushing harshness. "Zero And Below", which cements the band's dense catalogue after exactly a dozen studio albums, is the most unapologetically gritty CROWBAR album since their 1998 landmark "Odd Fellows Rest". Produced, mixed and mastered by Duane Simoneaux at OCD Recording and Production in Metairie, Louisiana, "Zero And Below" is a reverent old-school album balanced by a sonorous melodicism that is stunningly mature. Songs like "Chemical Godz", "Bleeding From Every Hole" and "It's Always Worth The Gain" show what CROWBAR can do better than any other band: powerful, atmospheric and crushingly heavy music. CROWBAR, who recently celebrated their 30th anniversary, are led by one of heavy metal's most beloved figures, riff overlord Kirk Windstein.
CROWBAR's twelfth album was recorded in a more traditional fashion, with the band (now officially featuring bassist Shane Wesley) sitting down to hammer out the new songs. Each of them contributed as songwriters before heading back into the studio with Simoneaux to flesh out the ten crushing tracks of "Zero And Below". On "Zero And Below", CROWBAR once again unleash their magical power. As Metal Hammer once aptly stated, CROWBAR "exist in a single genre".


01. The Fear That Binds You
02. Her Evil Is Sacred
03. Confess To Nothing
04. Chemical Godz
05. Denial Of The Truth
06. Bleeding From Every Hole
07. It's Always Worth The Gain
08. Crush Negativity
09. Reanimating A Lie
10. Zero And Below