A Quiet Place To Die - CD

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Release: 25.09.2020
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Release Date Sep 25, 2020
Genre Metalcore
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


2020 sees Alpha Wolf bite harder than ever with their Sophomore
release ‘a quiet place to die’, the culmination of every
lesson learnt, every hit taken, and every loss felt. ‘a quiet
place to die’ is the end result of five individuals who have
faced the fire and refuse to flinch, pouring their everything
into making something they are truly proud of. The path to this
point has only made their thirst greater, and soon enough, the
wolves will be out for blood.


1. a quiet place to die
2. Creep
3. Golden Fate; Isolate
4. Akudama
5. Acid Romance
6. Rot In Pieces
7. bleed 4 you
8. Ultra-Violet Violence
9. The Mind Bends To A Will Of Its Own
10. Restricted (R18+)
11. don’t ask...