Alföld - Mediabook CD

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Release: 16.06.2023
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Release Date Jun 16, 2023
Genre Avantgarde Metal
Packaging Mediabook
Number 1


THY CATAFALQUE is a metamorphic entity, constantly evolving and displaying a musical ingenuity that is as boundless as it is daring.

Alföld" means something like "The Earth" and is rooted in the heavy beginnings of the avant-garde project. Although the album harkens back to the early days of THY CATAFALQUE, the modern progressive instincts of mastermind Tamás Kátai shine through, elevating the album beyond the realm of metal-as-you-know-it and once again creating a groundbreaking sound that is far ahead of its time.


1. A Csend Hegyei
2. Testen Tú
3. A Földdel Egyenlo
4. Alföld
5. Folyondár
6. Csillagot Görgeto
7. A Felkelo Hold Országa
8. Szíriusz
9. Néma Vermek