Archives Volume 3: 1987 - 1988 CD+DVD

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Release: 14.06.2019
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Release Date Jun 14, 2019
Genre Heavy Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Slipcase
Number 2


»Riot Archives Vol.3« also features a wealth of unreleased recordings, e.g. interesting rough mix versions of »Thundersteel« album tracks such as “Thundersteel” itself, “Fight Or Fall”, “Sign Of The Crimson Storm”, the intro to “Buried Alive”, “Flight Of The Warrior” as well as the classic “Johnny’s Back” (referring to the band’s mascot Johnny the seal) and a rare instrumental rough mix version of “Run For Your Life”. All recordings feature Tony Moore on vocals, the one and only Mark Reale on guitar, Don Van Stavern on bass and Bobby Jarzombek on drums.
Maybe even more interesting for die-hard Riot fans though, » Archives Vol.3«, spanning the years 1987 to 1988, also contains demo versions of songs later to be featured on 1990’s »Privilege Of Power« record: such as “On Your Knees”, “Metal Soldiers” and “Killer” (a rough version with vocals sung by a certain Joe Lynn Turner also exists in the archives). “Exciter”, “When Lights Go Down”, “A Place Called Tomorrow” and “Liar”, however, are songs not to be found on any Riot studio album!
»Riot Archives Vol.3« is completed by a pro-shot 70-minute live DVD recorded on August 21st 1988 at Hallettsville Rockfest in the heart of Texas.



01 Thundersteel
02 Fight or Fall
03 Sign of the Crimson Storm
04 Run for Your Life
05 Buried Alive Intro
06 Johnny's Back
07 Warrior
08 A Place Called Tomorrow
09 Exciter
10 When Lights Go Down
11 Liar
12 Killer
13 On Your Knees
14 Metal Soldiers
15 Killer (Instrumental)
16 Keyboard Instrumental

Bonus DVD: Live at Halletsville, TX, USA August 21st 1988: