Captain Morgan's Revenge - CD

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Release: 25.01.2008
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Release Date Jan 25, 2008
Genre Folk Metal
Packaging Jewelcase



The "Alestorm" is on the high seas and its crew, four madmen, are ready to enslave you with their own brand of Scottish Pirate Metal!
With their canons fully loaded and their rum-induced songs about raids, treasures, and women, A
LESTORM delivers jolly drunken Battle Metal full of energy, power, and good humor.

Join the crew and let the raid begin.


1. Over the Seas
2. Captain Morgan`s Revenge
3. The Huntmaster
4. Nancy the Tavern Wench
5. Death Before the Mast
6. Terror of the High Seas
7. Set Sail and Conquer
8. Of Treasure
9. Wenches
10. &
11. Mead
12. Flower of Scotland