Change The World - Mediabook CD

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Release: 21.01.2022
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Release Date Jan 21, 2022
Genre Stoner Rock
Packaging Mediabook
Number 1


Hard rockers WolveSpirit demand: “Change The World" – and present the album to go with it. WolveSpirit live for the music - literally. The band from Würzburg has been living together on their own estate for years and is fully occupied with their art, not least completely independently. And you can hear that: Hard rock as its meant to be in terms of sound, composition and emotion. “Change The World" is the title of WolveSpirit's new studio work and contains straight rockers and classic hard rock material, with skillful and powerful blues influences and well-dosed country interludes. Just like the Blues Pills, Kadavar, Graveyard or other representatives of the latest rock'n'roll generation, WolveSpirit eagerly explore the colourful history of rock music and distil their own sound from it.


1. Don't You Know
2. Hell's Bells Are Ringing
3. Change The World
4. Thunder And Lightning
5. Strong Against The Wind
6. Drown You Down
7. Fallen
8. Time Is Running
9. Over The Rainbow
10. I Belong To You
11. Crazy