Heimdal - Digipak CD + BluRay

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Release: 03.03.2023
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Release Date Mar 3, 2023
Genre Viking Metal
Packaging Digipak
Number 2


Our favorite progressive Black/Viking Metal band is back.

ENSLAVED start the year 2023 with their album "Heimdal", which will be released in March.

“Heimdal” is reflection of paths travelled, a promise of a new beginning, and a rite of passage between the two. Truly an album for all time.


1. Behind the Mirror
2. Congelia
3. Forest Dweller
4. Kingdom
5. The Eternal Sea
6. Caravans to the Outer Worlds
7. Gangandi
8. Heimdal

1. Ruun II - The Epitaph
2. Bounded by Allegiance
3. Sequence
4. Caravans to the Outer Worlds
5. Havenless
6. Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor
7. What Else Is There? (Röyksopp Cover)
8. Hiindsight