Funeral Hymns - Slipcase CD

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Release: 22.01.2021
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Release Date Jan 22, 2021
Genre Thrash Metal
Packaging Slipcase
Number 1


Bloodletter is out to teach lowly sinners that fast, melodic, Thrash Metal is here to stay and condemn all who listen to a damn good time!

Bloodletter hails from Chicago, Illinois. A city that has a turbulent past and that has been home to a booming rock and Metal-scene ever since the
60’s up to now. A shared love for Metal brought these four skilled musicians together and led to the birth of Bloodletter. With several eps and a full
length under their belt already the band set out to record what was to become the soon-to-be classic album ‘Funeral Hymns’. Eleven tracks of furious
and raging Thrash Metal with slight crossover hints.

We at Petrichor are proud to unleash this intense whirlwind upon humanity.


1. Absolution Denied
2. The Grim
3. Funeral Bell
4. Burnt Beyond Recognition
5. Death Masks
6. Mark of Justice
7. Blood, Bone & Ash
8. Guillotine
9. Disinterment
10. Hang
11. I Am The End