Symbol Of Eternity - SILVER Vinyl

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Release: 30.09.2022
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Release Date Sep 30, 2022
Genre Power Metal
Color Silver
Edition Limited Edition
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Number 1


Hardly any other band embodies the spirit of Teutonic Metal as much as GRAVE DIGGER.

With the first albums "Heavy Metal Breakdown" in 1984 and "Witchhunter" in 1985, the band immortalized itself in the German heavy metal history books. Since the 2009 album "Ballads Of A Hangman" the band was signed to Napalm Records until the 2020 album "Fields Of Gold".

In 2022 the band started again with a new label (Rock Of Angels Records) and a new album "Symbol Of Eternity".

But one thing is for sure: Where GRAVE DIGGER is on it, is also 100% GRAVE DIGGER in it!


1. The Siege of Akkon
2. Battle Cry
3. Hell Is My Purgatory
4. King of the Kings
5. Symbol of Eternity
6. Saladin
7. Nights of Jerusalem
8. Heart of a Warrior
9. Grace of God
10. Sky of Swords
11. Holy Warfare
12. The Last Crusade
13. Hellas Hellas (Vasilis Papakonstantinou cover)