Hostis Humani Generis - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 07.02.2020
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Release Date Feb 7, 2020
Genre Folk Metal, Pirate Metal
Color Black
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 1


Black vinyl in gatefold cover.

The most authentic pirate rock album since the golden age of the dreaded sea-predators!

The salty sea air, an inn full of drunken singing punters, lots of scallywagging and yarrrrrrrrs - Ye Banished Privateers breathe new life into the ups and downs of being a pirate! The Swedish sea dogs turn back time to the 18th century and boast a wealth of shanties, drinking anthems and folk tunes on their fourth album Hostis Humani Generis. “Pirates of the Caribbean”, cutthroat humour and a barrel of singalong party tunes add up to a hefty adventure – ashore or afloat! Sail away with this pirate masterpiece!


Side A:
1. No Prey, No Pay
2. Hush Now My Child
3. Blame the Brits
4. Capstan Shanty
5. Elephants' Dance
6. Swords to Plowshares
7. Flintlock

Side B:
8. Parting Song
9. Rowing with One Hand
10. A-Swinging We Must Go
11. They are Marching Down on High Street
12. Death of Bellows
13. Why the Big Whales Sing