Loose N Lethal - CD

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Release: 18.11.2016
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Release Date Nov 18, 2016
Genre Heavy Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Remastered
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Legendary NWOBHM Album gets re-issued, remastered and repacked! With the onset of several bands stepping aboard the NWOBHM bandwagon, the order of the day was to drift slightly away from the traditional metal territory though still being a part of it. This is precisely what Savage did on their legendary debut. The album “Loose ‘N Lethal” has got to be one of the first ever speed/thrash attempts by a U.K band without a shadow of a doubt. Though all the essential ingredients formulated for being dubbed NWOBHM were intact, the tone and presence of staccato riffs made this practically one of the grittiest releases much ahead of its time when it came out.


1. Let It Loose
2. Cry Wolf
3. Berlin
4. Dirty Money
5. Ain't No Fit Place
6. On The Rocks
7. The China Run
8. White Hot
9. Ain't No Fit Place
10. The China Run
11. Dirty Money
12. Let It Loose