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Release: 21.05.2021
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Release Date May 21, 2021
Genre Speed Metal, Thrash Metal
Packaging Digipak
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When it comes to contemporary thrash, there are few bands that can compete with Germany's Vulture. They established their status with the EP Victim To The Blade (2016) and debut The Guillotine (2017), further solidified that reputation with 2019's Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves, and now return with the massive Dealin' Death - one of the most ruthless records the scene has ever heard. "Combine all our key elements - striking riffs, half-step shifts, aggressive vocals, fat tom fills, a lot of dynamics, horror synths and classic two-part guitar harmonies - and you get something like Dealin' Death",says guitarist Stefan Castevet . "The result sounds a bit like our EP again to me, but we're also taking new approaches that you haven't heard from us in that form before, such as polyphonic vocals."

Although they remain proud of the powerhouse Ghastly Waves & Battered Waves, Vulture admits that the record didn't turn out as planned; they didn't want to experience that again with the follow-up. "Compared to our first record, for the second we wanted simpler structures, more concise choruses and an overall catchier style. However, while feverishly working on it for half a year, we didn't notice how we lost sight of those goals. The album is an absolute killer, but its complexity, structure and perhaps sound might throw some people off." Determined to accomplish everything they set out to do with this record, the members wanted to create something that they themselves, as fans, enjoyed listening to - songs bursting with "headbangers and hooks," all of which exaggerate their trademarks, so to speak. The material was partially written on tour with RAM and Indian Nightmare, with everyone contributing to the fullest extent and everything almost coming together on its own. Castevet also notes that, for once, Vulture didn't feel pressured while working on the album. "For the first time since the EP, we had no stress at all. The whole songwriting process felt very natural from start to finish. There was pretty much no second-guessing. Before, whether it was with Guillotine or Ghastly Waves, I was desperate to prove myself - with every riff and every song. I tried too doggedly not to seem mediocre, which is why I sometimes squeezed too many riffs into songs, arranged them intricately, and so on. With this album, it was different. For the first time the choruses sound like real choruses to me, there's a lot of variety in terms of tempo and stylistic influences. We go from extremely fast thrash to proto-metal and back again, while staying true to ourselves." It was also important to still wring something fresh out of thrash in 2021, and that's not necessarily easy. Vulture succeeded, however, by going back to what they do best You have to dig deeper than others. You can't get anything credible going if you're just trying to rehash Reign In Blood, Kill 'Em All or Obsessed By Cruelty. We find it exciting to get to the bottom of why these bands set the standards in terms of aggression, speed and power. This has always been our approach and led to our own sound. For Dealin' Death, we picked up on that and tried not to get too uptight with the songwriting."