Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Splatter 2-Vinyl

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Release: 03.05.2024
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Release Date May 3, 2024
Genre Symphonic Metal
Color Splattered
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging tba
Number 2


No matter with which singer, the symphonic metal institution Nightwish have always delivered great albums. Tarja Turunen, Anette Olzon and Floor Jansen have all left their mark on Nightwish.

One album with each of the aforementioned singers will be released in May 2024 as chic double splatter LPs:

Once from 2004 (the last album with Tarja Turunen)
Imaginaerum from 2011 (one of the two albums with Anette Olzon)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful from 2015 (the first album with Floor Jansen)


1. Shudder Before the Beautiful
2. Weak Fantasy
3. Élan
4. Yours Is an Empty Hope
5. Our Decades in the Sun
6. My Walden
7. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
8. Edema Ruh
9. Alpenglow
10. The Eyes of Sharbat Gula
11. The Greatest Show on Earth