Shadow Of The Moon - CLEAR 2-Vinyl

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Release: 10.03.2023
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Release Date Mar 10, 2023
Genre Country / Folk
Color Clear
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
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Number 3


The debut album "Shadow Of The Moon" (1997) was not only Blackmore's conscious radical break with his former life as a celebrated rock star with Deep Purple and Rainbow, but at the same time groundbreaking and symptomatic of his artistic ideals: music with a focus on acoustic instrumentation, influenced by the songs of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but in its timelessness ideally fits into the here and now.

"Shadow Of The Moon" was and still is a milestone. The album encompasses everything that Blackmore's Night still stand for today: beautiful melodies and warm atmospheres that reach the soul, as well as joyful songs to dance and celebrate.

On March 10, 2023, the 25th Anniversary Edition of "Shadow Of The Moon" will be released worldwide. The album has been converted from the original recording to HD audio and completely remixed. The iconic original artwork has been refreshed and reworked as part of the anniversary.

Two previously unreleased acoustic tracks will be part of this reissue: "Spirit Of The Sea" and "Shadow Of The Moon", both recorded in a home recording session by Candice and Ritchie in 2022. All physical first editions will also include an exclusive "Shadow Of The Moon" documentary on DVD as a bonus.


LP 1:
1. Shadow of the Moon (25th Anniversary New Mix)
2. The Clock Ticks On (25th Anniversary New Mix)
3. Be Mine Tonight (25th Anniversary New Mix)
4. Play Minstrel Play (25th Anniversary New Mix)
5. Ocean Gypsy (25th Anniversary New Mix)
6. Minstrel Hall (25th Anniversary New Mix)
7. Magical World (25th Anniversary New Mix)
8. Writing on the Wall (25th Anniversary New Mix)

LP 2:
9. Renaissance Faire (25th Anniversary New Mix)
10. Memmingen (25th Anniversary New Mix)
11. No Second Chance (25th Anniversary New Mix)
12. Mond Tanz (25th Anniversary New Mix)
13. Spirit of the Sea (25th Anniversary New Mix)
14. Greensleeves (25th Anniversary New Mix)
15. Wish You Were Here (25th Anniversary New Mix)

Bonus 7":
1. Shadow Of The Moon (Ritchie und Candice Anniversary Home Session)
2. Spirit Of The Sea (Ritchie und Candice Anniversary Home Session)

-Documentary: The story of “Shadow Of The Moon” (30 min)
-Music Video Clips “Shadow Of The Moon”, “No Second Chance” und “Renaissance Faire” (with optional audio commentary by Candice Night und Ritchie Blackmore)