Shangri-La - GREEN 2-Vinyl

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Release: 16.09.2022
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Release Date Sep 16, 2022
Genre Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
Color Green
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


Green vinyl limited to 500 copies.

On their 11th studio album the symphonic metallers of EDENBRIDGE take us to "Shangri-La".

The band takes their sworn listeners into a world with a range of sophisticated compositions and an intoxicating and bombastic sound atmosphere. Despite the constant evolution, they still remain true to their unique style. Fans can also look forward to the continuation of the opus "The Bonding", in which once again Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.) was involved. Time to get a little closer to paradise on earth again!


1. At First Light
2. The Call Of Eden
3. Hall Of Shame
4. Savage Land
5. Somewhere Else But Here
6. Freedom Is A Roof Made Of Star
7. Arcadia (The Great Escape)
8. The Road To Shangri-La
9. The Bonding (Part 2) - I. Overture
10. The Bonding (Part 2) - II: Alpha And Omega
11. The Bonding (Part 2) - III. The Eleventh Hour
12. The Bonding (Part 2) - IV. Round And Round
13. The Bonding (Part 2) - V. The Timeless Now - Finale