Skald Digipak CD

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Release: 23.11.2018
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Release Date Nov 23, 2018
Genre Folk Metal
Packaging Digipak


Digipak CD

Founder of Wardruna and Vikings co-composer, Einar Selvik presents his long awaited acoustic album with solo material from both Wardruna and unreleased music written for, and featured in the TV show "Vikings".

All formats contain an extensive booklet with all lyrics translated as well as a solid introduction to the Skald and Old Norse poetry written by the acclaimed Icelandic author and Old Norse philologist Bergsveinn Birgisson.

An absolut must-have for all WARDRUNA fans and friends of skaldic music


1. Vardlokk
2. Skald
3. Ein sat hun uti
4. Voluspá (skaldic version)
5. Fehu (skaldic version)
6. Vindavla
7. Ormagardskvedi
8. Gravbakkjen
9. Sonatorrek
10. Helvegen (skaldic version)