The Goldsteen Lay / Digipak CD

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Release: 28.07.2017
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Release Date Jul 28, 2017
Genre Folk Metal
Packaging Digipak


2017 marks a special year in the lives of the six-headed crew of THE PRIVATEER. Not only clink the seaman from the Breisgau (more accurately: from Freiburg, Germany) glasses for their tenth anniversary as a band, no, they also take you with them onto the sea for a legendary trip! Right in time for their anniversary, the sextet sets sail and floats to a far-away world on the search for hidden treasures, old cock-and-bull stories and myths from the sea.

Join the band in their travellings and experience their brand new masterpiece "The Goldsteen Lay"! THE PRIVATEER's third album is a concept work telling the story of the sextet's travels to a place only old seamen can tell you about in dingy dives; a place whose existence is only known to the entries of very old logbooks. "The Goldsteen Lay" tells us how the 2007 founded crew repairs to an adventurous journey and the strains they have to cope with. Sectioned into eleven chapters of classic Heavy, modern Death and melodic Power Metal, and accompanied by a big barrel of rum, the album will make you dive into a world of madness on an island that won't let go of anyone who is brave (or stupid?) enough to set his foot onto its earth. Escorted by diversified vocal performances and special musical treats such as a violin, THE PRIVATEER bring their legendary experiences to life with unique and characteristic soundscapes.

THE PRIVATEER excell themselves on "The Goldsteen Lay" and show you what life on the sea, far away from the known world looks like: they tell about myths that become real-life challenges, storms and gigantic waves that threaten to overflow the ship, and tasty rum that nebulizes you senses.

Recorded in the safe harbors of the Iguana Studios in March-Burchheim under the control of experienced captain Christoph Brandes who also kicked the gangway of mix & mastering, "The Goldsteen Lay" is an overwhelming adventure in terms of sound engineering as well.

THE PRIVATEER travel the seven seas since 2007 and they are looking back onto two successful albums and dozens of landing parties in their homeland as well as foreign and exotic countries. Their Heavy Folk Metal dispersed dust right from their first prey on, and they've found accomodation with the lubbers of NoiseArt Records just in time for their third album. NoiseArt can't get enough from "The Goldsteen Lay" and will on their part make sure that this adventure will be available worldwide. We have set sails already... will you join us on this epic and adventurous journey?


1. Preamble
2.Where fables are made
3. Draft of the strange
4. Wide in the open
5. Arrival
6. As we saw some path
7. Ocean of green
8. Survival of the quickest
9. Gunpowder magic
10. Derelict
11. The island, it’s calling