The Light Within - CD

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Release: 06.11.2020
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Release Date Nov 6, 2020
Genre Symphonic Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


SURMA is the new metal project/band of Viktorie Surmová (Bohemian Metal Rhapsody) and TYR guitarrist and volcist Heri Joensen.

"The Light Within" is the title of the debut album of the band, which is dedicated to Symphonic Metal.


1. Rendition
2. Reveal The Light Within
3. Like The River Flows
4. Fire And Wind
5. Desire
6. The City Of Winds
7. The Selkie (Kópakonan)
8. Until It Rains Again
9. Emptiness (Is No More)
10. Cages Of Rage
11. Downfall
12. Lost To Time
13. Deconstruction