The Ziggurat Scrolls - CD

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Release: 11.06.2021
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Release Date Jun 11, 2021
Genre Black Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


The tracks ‘A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii’ & ‘Wardjinn’ were originally recorded in Jerusalem for a promotional demo 1998 which eventually led to their deal with Osmose records. Other tracks are rare, remixed or remastered tracks from the early (1995 – ’98) Melechesh discography plus the Celtic Frost cover Babylon Fell.


1. Tablets of Fate (remix)
2. A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii (demo version '98)
3. Wardjinn (demo version '98)
4. Of Magick and Reptilians (Instrumental Sorcery)
5. Desert Pentagram
6. Baphomet's Lust (taken from As Jerusalem Burns…, demo 1995)
7. Babylon Fell (Celtic Frost cover)