The thrash metal band DESTRUCTION was founded in Germany, back in 1983, but soon after conquered the whole world. After several line-up changes and numerous albums, bassist/ vocalist Schmier is still going strong. With the band's new line-up featuring the Canadian drum animal Randy Black, as well as guitarists Martin Furia and Damir Eskić, the veterans bring you musical destruction.

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  1. Est 84 - Girls Shirt
    Est 84 - Girls Shirt
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  2. Diabolical - Zip Hoodie
    Diabolical - Zip Hoodie
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  3. Diabolical - Longsleeve
    Diabolical - Longsleeve
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  4. Diabolical - T- Shirt
    Diabolical - T- Shirt
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  5. Live Attack - T- Shirt
    Live Attack - T- Shirt
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