The Butcher Strikes Back - CD

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Release: 11.11.2022
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Release Date Nov 11, 2022
Genre Thrash Metal
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There was a time when Destruction's longtime frontman, Schmier, was not a part of the band.

When he returned to Destruciton in 1999 together (together with drummer Sven Vormann), 3 demo tracks were recorded under the name The Butcher Strikes Back, giving the band a new label deal.

Destruction was finally back !!!

These demo tracks together with some Japan bonus tracks, and Wacken live tracks will be released in autumn 2022 on CD, LP and tape.


1. Bestial Invasion,
2. The Butcher Strikes Back
3. World Domination of Pain.
4. ShellSchock (Tank cover, previously Japan only),
5. We are The Roadcrew (Motorhead cover previously Japan only),
6. Alliance of Hellhounds (Schmier only version, previous Japan only),
7. Machinery of Lies (Live at Wacken)
8. Bullets From Hell (live at Wacken)
9. Tears of Blood (live at Wacken)
10. Invincible Force (live at Wacken)
11. Bestial Wacken Incident (live at Wacken)
12. Bestial Invasion (live at Wacken)