Opus Magnum - BLUE BLACK Marbled Vinyl

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Release: 30.06.2023
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Release Date Jun 30, 2023
Genre Death Metal
Color Marbled
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
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Number 1


An excellent record which should appeal to every Black, Death or Symphonic Metal fan! First time on vinyl!

Hollenthon is a Symphonic Death Metal band founded by Pungent Stench’s Martin Schirenc Hollenthon made their debut in 1999 with “Domus Mundi” and gained a cult following with their second album “With Vilest of Worms to Dwell” in 2001. All was quiet on the Hollenthon front after that album as Schirenc focused on putting Pungent Stench back together. However, after two Pungent Stench albums Schirenc went back to Hollenthon and “Opus Magnum” was the result.

“Opus Magnum” showcases a new evolution of the band’s sound, as the symphonic orchestral elements merged seamlessly with the Death Metal on offer. The album features liberal use of choirs, synths, string arrangements, and female soprano vocals, all blended perfectly with Schirenc’s use of classical and ethnic European folk elements. The guitar playing has reached a new level, with incredible solos throughout the album. The album is perfect as a whole, with each song being different yet working together flawlessly.

Hollenthon fearlessly experiments with different sounds on this album, and it all works incredibly well. The album is a non-stop, high-energy experience, and each song is unique yet cohesive. Fans of Therion and Symphonic Extreme Metal will love “Opus Magnum,” which we believe is even better than anything Therion has released in a long while. Overall, “Opus Magnum” is one of the best extreme metal albums of 2008! Highly recommended!


1. On the Wings of a Dove
2. To Fabled Lands
3. Son of Perdition
4. Ars Moriendi
5. Once we were Kings
6. Of Splendid Worlds
7. Dying Embers
8. Misterium Babel