Pandora / Digipak CD

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Release: 17.05.2019
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Release Date May 17, 2019
Genre Deutschrock, Medieval
Edition Re-Release
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


This album demonstrates from intense employment with themes of the greek mythology.For the listeners stays a big room for own interpretations of the german lyrics. Also far the mythologye surprise the band with emotional contents. On this second album of the band, they use akkustik instruments too, while the rock melodys stay. Old instruments combined with with new influences to a musically unity, that offers a new style.Own principals and their search for musical relics stay obtained.

Re-release digipak cd


  1. Zeus
  2. Pandora
  3. Dunkler Spiegel
  4. Medusa
  5. Zwei Herzen
  6. Krummavisur
  7. Sisyphos
  8. Charon
  9. Traum & Wunsch
  10. Was noch bleibt
  11. Der Taucher
  12. Nirvana