Pavlov's Dawgs - Earbook

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Release: 30.09.2022
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Release Date Sep 30, 2022
Genre Thrash Metal
Color n/a
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Earbook
Number 2


30 * 30 cm Earbook with 60 page booklet and bonus DVD (Official Live Bootleg "Live in Frankfurt 31.03.1988")

Even after 40 steaming, liver-destroying, gut-stretching years in the name of heavy metal, there's no stopping the TANKARD beer train. Just in time for the festivities surrounding their 40th birthday, our favorite Frankfurters let "Pavlov's Dawgs" off the leash, their 18th album overall and debut for the new label Reaper Entertainment.


1. Pavlov`s Dawg
2. Ex‐Fluencer
3. Beerbarians
4. Diary of a Nihilist
5. Veins of Terra
6. Memento
7. Metal Cash Machine
8. Dark Self Intruder
9. Lockdown Forever
10. On the day I die

Bonus DVD:
1. Total addiction
2. Tantrum
3. Mercenary
4. Don't panic
5. Acid death
6. Traitor
7. Farewell to a slut
8. Poison
9. Commandmnets
10. Maniac forces
11. Zombie attack
12. Chemical invasion
13. (Empty) Tankard