Necrohedron - CD

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Release: 22.04.2022
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Release Date Apr 22, 2022
Genre Melodic Death Metal
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Number 1


GRAVEWORM and SUIDAKRA are two of the German primal rocks of extreme music. Both bands started their careers with the same label, play common tours and friendships developed.

Now members of both bands are joining forces under the name DRAGONBREED.

"Necrohedron" is the title of the first joint work, on which appropriately Kris Verwimp has provided the cover. But that's not all, he also wrote the lyrics for the album.

Line Up
Stefano Fiori (vocals), Arkadius "Akki" Antoik (guitar), Sebastian Jensen (guitar), Christoph "Zachi" Zacharowski (bass), Ken Jentzen (drums)


1. The Undying
2. Summoning The Arcane
3. The World Beyond
4. Sinister Omen
5. Dawn Of Calamity
6. Offerings From Yonder
7. Curse Of The Forlorn
8. A Reconstruction Of Aeons Obscure